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Robin Rothstein

Robin Rothstein, member of the League of Professional Theatre WomenDramatist, Bookwriter/Lyricist, Commercial Theatre Professional
New York, New York USA

Favorite cocktail: Bloody Mary. Tall glass. Heavy on the horseradish. Garnished with a serious piece of celery. You want to really send me over the moon? Throw in a few green olives and an extra dash of Tabasco. Make me a Bloody Mary that satiates me to the core and I might just want to share the rest of my life with you. At the very least, I’ll want to give you a hug to show how much I appreciate you as a bartender who loves what you do and who loves sharing your Bloody Mary-making talents with the world. A bartender who knows how to spread mirth through mixology. And feel free to surprise me. Go ahead and make me a Bloody Mary with some added flair. Because we could all use a bit more flair in our lives. My least favorite cocktail? The safe, watery, garnish-free Bloody Mary. A sorry counterfeit that has become accepted in our complacent society. Like the Starbucks cappuccino. Make me a watery, garnish-free Bloody Mary and this will tell me that you have no passion for life. That you are someone in desperate need of flair. I will also be annoyed for having dropped ten bucks on your crappy drink. Because a well-made Bloody Mary is essential. A well-made Bloody Mary reminds you to relish being alive, and to feel grateful for all the good you have while you laugh it up on a lazy Sunday afternoon with awesome friends who you haven’t seen in a while. A truly satisfying Bloody Mary is about having nowhere else to be, nothing to worry about, and nothing else you need to be doing at this very moment.

Except, perhaps, ordering a second Bloody Mary.

Robin Rothstein’s work has been produced in NYC, Canada, South Africa and across the US, including Actors Theatre of Louisville. Her writing is also published in multiple “Best of” collections. Member: Dramatists Guild, AEA, LPTW, and The Broadway League. Associate Director, Operations at Broadway Across America, NYC. University of Pennsylvania alum.

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