Celebrating the members of the League of Professional Theatre Women

Hilary Adams

Hilary Adams, member of League of Professional Theatre WomenTheatre Director; Applied Theatre Practitioner
New York, New York USA

My best escape is a trip through the Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, following the Coast Range down towards the Kuchel Visitor Center and Lady Bird Johnson Grove. The Lady Bird Grove is a remarkable circular, wheelchair-friendly hike that provides the visitor with gorgeous redwoods – many of which are twinned or triplets – that you can walk around, stand under, and marvel at. For a much steeper climb, I’ll share with you “secret.” It’s not really a secret but it’s hard to discover – get a Tall Trees Access Permit. You obtain a code that changes every day to unlock a gate and drive a long way into old growth forest. (They limit the number of visitors so get the permit early in the day.) Then you park and hike in. The elevation change is somewhere around 800-1000 feet. The oldest coastal redwood is at the bottom of the trail (unmarked for safety – they are all magnificent). It’s about 38 miles south of Crescent City…. one of my dreams is to get a backcountry camping permit so I can stay in the redwoods for a several day stretch. The redwoods just put everything into perspective, and the air there is super invigorating.

Hilary Adams has been working as a professional theatre director for sixteen years. She invites you to please visit and like her Facebook page Member SDC.

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