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Katrin Hilbe

Katrin HilbeDirector, Writer, Producer
New York, New York USA

Where do you look for inspiration? Art, life, people around me, everything everywhere is fodder for my imagination.

What’s your favorite book / movie / line from a play / pop culture guilty pleasure / cocktail?
Kurt Vonnegut’s The Sirens of Titan: “There is no reason why good cannot triumph as often as evil. The triumph of anything is a matter of organization. If there are such things as angels, I hope that they are organized along the lines of the Mafia.“

My favorite cocktail is the French 75 in either the gin and the cognac version, and I giggle helplessly at the 3-minute exchange between Steve Coogan and Ray Brydon in the movie The TripWe rise at Daybreak”.

What play or production changed your life? Peter Sellars’s production of Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro set in Trump Tower with amazing actor-singers, back in the 80s, informed me small-town girl that THAT can be done with opera! All of urban Europe knew this since the 70s, but I was sequestered in rural Liechtenstein. A professional life later I saw Michael Thalheimer’s production of Lessing’s Emilia Galotti at BAM. It contained the most moving physicalization of how one’s heart is broken.

I feel most like myself when I … am preparing a production, preparing rehearsals, and then am in rehearsals working with actors/singers, having all my planning overturned at the spur of the moment in the surge of batting ideas around, daring to try and err. Then I’m most myself in the best way that I am meant to be. Which is not to say it’s the most easy.

What is your best escape? Since being the best I can be of myself is deep effort, venting and lamenting with drinks and friends, peers, beloved, is the best escape.

What’s the one thing nobody knows about you? It’s so hidden, even I don’t know about it.

Katrin Hilbe is a director of opera and theatre, writer, producer and translator of Liechtenstein-Kansas origin. Her feet are planted firmly in mid-Atlantic, so international artistic outreach is vital to her. She functions as the Artistic Director of International Relations for MITF. More on: and

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