Celebrating the members of the League of Professional Theatre Women

Catherine Gropper

Catherine Gropper, member of the League of Professional Theatre WomenPlaywright; artist; producer; eco activist
New York, New York USA

I look to re-writing for inspiration. Anywhere near the matchless sound of geese or wildlife inspires me, too.

Favorite book: just bought it; it’s called Quiet. Usually Rebecca Gilman’s works change my life. Other Desert Cities changed my life. Hughie with Al Pacino. Any production of Salesman or any Miller for structure.

I dream of doing things all the time! Painting or writing develops that intuition!

I feel most like myself when I’m re-writing or watching rehearsal; I love the process!

My best escape is climbing boulders or re-writing.

What many do not know is how active I am for wildlife since the Gulf oil spill and the Guardianship Awards that I created. I dream of making a difference there. (Also that I sang on a cruise ship.)

All woman writers can make a difference somewhere; in their way on the page for the stage and through their passions for the planet!

Catherine Gropper: Miss Crandall’s Classes; Guild Hall; 2011; Drama Bookstore (A. Marcovicci); Mead Theatre, DC (Salome Jens 2010). Embers premiere; (Jens) completing extended Off-Broadway run following Four Star review; The Scotsman (2001-02, Rowand). Currently: Concessions; Summer Rental. Dramatists Guild. WI Co-Founder. Produces tri-state plays. CTI (2012). Columbia, MA Phil. 1978; NYU; 1976. Awards in literary perception; Yale Directing Intensive.


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