Celebrating the members of the League of Professional Theatre Women

Julia Miles

Julia Miles, member of the League of Professional Theatre WomenArtistic Director
New York, New York USA

I don’t think anyone knows I was a farm girl from Pelham, Georgia. The one thing I learned there was to get away as soon as possible. I went to boarding school and then Northwestern University for a Theatre Arts Degree, got married, moved to New York City and eventually had three wonderful daughters…Stacey, Lisa and Marya.

Acting, producing plays and helping women playwrights was my work. We were always trying to raise money, it seemed. More resources are still needed to encourage women’s creativity.

Going to theatre and movies with my daughters and friends makes me feel most like myself.

A nice vodka tonic or glass of Merlot is a treat now and then…and chocolate is always welcome.

I am extremely lucky and most grateful for my family, colleagues and friends who have helped me along the way.

Julia Miles is the founding artistic director of Women’s Project and Productions. Julia was the Associate Director of the American Place Theatre in the late sixties. It is there, in 1978, that she founded the Women’s Project, which became an independent producing organization in 1986. She is a founding member of the League of Professional Theatre Women/New York.


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