Celebrating the members of the League of Professional Theatre Women

Week in Review, April 9 – 15, 2012

LPTW’s Blog30 was created to highlight the diversity, passion and brilliance of the individual members of the League of Professional Theatre Women in celebration of the organization’s 30th Anniversary. Every Sunday, the women featured in the previous six days, as well as three others from our first two months, receive a little more attention, a second chance for readers to learn about them. Sunday is often a day for reflection, offering the opportunity to catch up on the previous week’s activities. Now, the Week in Review gives our readers the opportunity to experience a week’s entries in one easy sitting. We hope you enjoy the latest addition to Blog30.

A guy walked onto the otherwise bare stage, started off “The day I got the Chekhov story in the mail,” and then kept talking for 20 minutes about going to the Sizzler and the sleeping woman and lots of other stuff I don’t remember but which seemed both random and profound. – Susan Bernfield, April 9

That’s why it’s so important to see things, to read things, to go to workshops. Not to “get ideas,” but to give your own ideas something to grow against. – Katie Pearl, April 10

I haven’t done nearly enough international travel and often daydream of strapping on a backpack and disappearing for months. – Jessi D. Hill, April 11

It was a production of King Lear set near the North Pole. I didn’t understand much of the story other than there was a king, and people argued with him. – Anne Phelan, April 12

The most exciting thing about founding and running a theater company is building a true ensemble to give voice to a story that would otherwise remain unheard. – Chelsea Silverman, April 13

What’s the one thing nobody knows about you? I used to be a DJ here in NYC in lower east side clubs. – Kristin Marting, April 14

From the Archives:
I wish I could fix all the problems in the world, and make all people live in harmony. – Alexa Kelly, January 7

Make me a Bloody Mary tha satiates me to the core and I might just want to share the rest of my life with you. – Robin Rothstein, January 14

Surrounded by artists working in refugee camps, with trauma victims, in war zones, across disputed boundaries, and under severe censorship and repression, my definitions of what theatre or drama could be were expanding and forcing me to re-envision my role as an artist. – Roberta Levitow, January 21

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