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From the Archives!

LPTW’s Blog30 was created to highlight the diversity, passion and brilliance of the individual members of the League of Professional Theatre Women in celebration of the organization’s 30th Anniversary.

Today, we provide a second chance for readers to meet some of our member-bloggers from February.

From the Archives

I would love to travel more, to meet more, different people and continue to watch those airplanes – maybe a third career as a some kind of tour guide? – Michele Volansky, February 13

Seeing that show changed my life, and wonder of wonders, I actually got to tell Ms. DeMille and thank her. What a feeling!!! – Edie Cowan, February 16

I seem to remember there being some simple staging and change of lights that suggested a change from the characters being backstage to being onstage within one of the songs – I just thought it was the most magical thing. – Regina Gatti, February 20

“What time is the show,” our first caller asked? “What time can you get here?” My husband answered. – Gail Kriegel, February 23

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