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From the Archives!

LPTW’s Blog30 was created to highlight the diversity, passion and brilliance of the individual members of the League of Professional Theatre Women in celebration of the organization’s 30th Anniversary.

Today, we provide a second chance for readers to meet more of our member-bloggers from February.

From the Archives

At age 90, my greatest inspiration comes from waking up and facing the day. – Marion Simon, nee Faggen, February 15

I loved everything about it, but was fascinated and downright entranced by what was happening backstage, which eventually led me to abandon performing for what I thought was the “interesting stuff”.  – Sue Bartelt, February 18

I feel most like myself when I … am kicking ass. Metaphorically speaking that is, I don’t get violent with other people. – Barb Kielhofer, February 21

I look to my dreams for inspiration – they are full of strange beauty. – Elizabeth Hess, February 25

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