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Paula Ewin

Paula Ewin, member of League of Professional Theatre WomenActress, Singer, Producer
New York, New York USA

Where do you look for inspiration? The beach

What’s your favorite book / movie / line from a play / pop culture guilty pleasure / cocktail? “Women in Love” D.H. Lawrence / Movie of the same title by Ken Russell / don’t really have a favorite line…/ manicure/pedicure with massage / Manhattan straight up…but only on special occasions…otherwise good old cabernet.

What play or production changed your life? A Taste of Honey. I played Jo in my senior year at Rhode Island College and was nominated for the ACTF Irene Ryan Award and won the Alternate for the New England scholarship in 1978. It was a bittersweet moment. I was so pleased to be acknowledged and yet would have loved to have won first prize…the scholarship. Then I realized that the real thrill was the rehearsal and performance of this play…it resonated with me on a very deep level. I had something really genuine that I could take with me as I went through my career.

Is there anything you still dream of doing? Traveling to Spain and Portugal and perhaps one day owning a dog (don’t tell my cat!)

I feel most like myself when I ….Sing! Even in the shower, but especially for an audience.

What is your best escape? Sleep. I have outrageous dreams!

What’s the one thing nobody knows about you? Oh you’re clever…not today!

Paula Ewin is a Founding Member of the award winning Off Broadway theatre 29th Street Rep, performing leading roles in 27 NY and World premieres since 1988.  Recently, the National Tour of “On Golden Pond” and “Tea at Five” (as Katharine Hepburn) at The Pasadena Playhouse.  Artistic Director of The Hive – The Women of 29th Street Rep.


Week in Review, April 30 – May 6, 2012

LPTW’s Blog30 was created to highlight the diversity, passion and brilliance of the individual members of the League of Professional Theatre Women in celebration of the organization’s 30th Anniversary. Every Sunday, the women featured in the previous six days, as well as three others from our first two months, receive a little more attention, a second chance for readers to learn about them. Sunday is often a day for reflection, offering the opportunity to catch up on the previous week’s activities. Now, the Week in Review gives our readers the opportunity to experience a week’s entries in one easy sitting. We hope you enjoy the latest addition to Blog30.

Line from a play: anything Lady Bracknell says. I’m not a big cocktail drinker, but anything involving bubbly is a winner. – Catherine Porter, April 30

One thing few people know about me is that my grandmother was found in a shoe box under the Brooklyn Bridge. – Karin de la Penha, May 1

To be successful on Broadway, a show must be original – and it seems every show has some unique accounting problems.  – Anne Stewart FitzRoy, May 2

I was a chubby Titania; my mother made my costume — as did all the other mothers, I suppose. – Lynne Rogers, May 3

Love to eat, eat to love, write to eat, eat to write.  It’s a luscious cycle. – Lucy Wang, May 4

I am always aware of who a product is geared towards and what people are talking about, even when they are on their cell phones on line at the airport. – Amanda Pekoe, May 5

From the Archives:
Another thing that impressed me is how every person that attended the theatre festival sat with rapt attention. – Richarda Abrams, January 24

As for inspiration, plots and characters continually interrupt my reading. – Glenda Frank, January 25

Is there anything you still dream of doing? Traveling to Spain and Portugal and perhaps one day owning a dog (don’t tell my cat!). – Paula Ewin, January 26

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