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Elizabeth Hess

Elizabeth Hess, member of the League of Professional Theatre WomenPerformer, playwright, professor of acting
New York, New York USA

Where do you look for inspiration? I look to my dreams for inspiration – they are full of strange beauty.

What’s your favorite book? Love In The Time Of Cholera by Márquez was so exquisite that I slowed down my pace half way through reading it so as to savour its deliciousness.

What’s your favorite movie? Fannie and Alexander by Bergman – especially that moment when the door was open just a crack and the children witnessed their mother’s luxurious lament.

What play or production changed your life? I saw Kantor’s quasi-autobiographical play Wielopole, Wielopole at La Mama years ago – and afterwards stayed up all night writing one of my first plays.

Oh and the first time I visited New York I saw a piece of performative poetry by Maggie Beale that was magical. As was The Garden of Earthly Delights by Martha Clarke.

Is there anything you still dream of doing? I like to think of myself as an emerging artist – so there’s still lots and lots to do and the more it takes me out of my time and comfort zone the better!

Elizabeth Hess. International Festivals / Off-Broadway performances of solo trilogy; Living Openly & Notoriously. New York credits include The New Group, Women’s Project, Irish Arts, MTC and NYTW. She has also worked extensively in regional theaters. TV credits include Clarissa Explains It All; Law & Order. Film credits include: Handsome Harry, Soldier’s Heart. Ms Hess teaches at NYU & NTI.

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