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Jill BC Du Boff

Jill BC Du Boff, League of Professional Theatre Women memberSound Designer
New York, New York USA

Where do I look for inspiration? As a sound designer, music is really important to me, I try to listen to as much music as possible, which is also the most fun part of my job. I listen to the content, the mix and the feeling the music evokes. I find music to be inspirational.

Two plays changed my life, Poona The F**kdog and other plays for Children written by Jeff Goode and produced by the Adobe Theatre Company, and The Grey Zone by Tim Blake Nelson produced by MCC. Poona taught me how to really think outside of the box and how to invent sound and The Grey Zone taught me about subtlety and how powerful sound can be in live theatre.

My favorite ways to escape are running, reading and knitting. Sometimes listening to music, but only sometimes, since it can also feel like work.

My favorite book: The History of Love by Nicole Krause
Line from a play; “Come to my tent, we sing songs” Epic Proportions
Pop Culture Guilty Pleasure: The Simpsons
Cocktail: Dirty Vodka Martini

Jill BC Du Boff is a theatrical sound designer, her interests span film, television, radio, podcasts and audio tours. She has designed on Broadway and off as well as regionally and has received the Ruth Morley award from the LPTW, an Obie for Sustained Excellence in sound design and was nominated for two Drama Desk Awards. She will be marrying Adam Lerman on May 20th.

Kyle Blumenthal

Kyle Blumenthal, member of the League of Professional Theatre WomenPainter, Artist, stage designer, Artist/Theatrical Installations
Stony Brook, New York USA

My Paintings are inspired by spiritual visions I see before I open my eyes in the morning and at times in meditations. Birds in flight with outstretched wings, wild flower fields, sunflowers, gardens, theatrical installations, costumes and fantasy figures all appear in my large paintings. I often portray unity in separation in my subject matter through the use of divided canvases. Regardless of what I am painting I use my entire body as I move across the canvases. I paint with oils on canvas and scrim and at times incorporate fabrics and light. The combinations of transparencies, translucent and opaque materials in my work reflect the ethereal and material. My work is a form of portraiture, which captures the personality of my subjects, energy of being. The desire to understand what is our actual truth and what is illusion. The ethereal superimposed upon the material is a concept I strive to convey in my work. My affirmations are to give a feeling of freedom, lightness, hope, love and healing. I am simultaneously working in many disciplines. I paint with oils on canvas and scrim and at times incorporate fabrics and light. The fabrics I use are as light as air. I dream of painting large scale murals for public venues, Dance productions, Lincoln Center, exhibitions in museums, receiving royalties from reproductions of my paintings, one-person exhibitions, my paintings reproduced on posters for dance.

My best escape would be walking along the water, in gardens, watering my own garden, searching for recycled materials to use in my work, spending time with my family.

Kyle Blumenthal, Painting, B.F.A., Pratt Institute, M.A., M.F.A., Long Island University. MFA Artist Mentor in the Visual Arts Program, The Art Institute of Boston/Lesley University. Faculty, Nassau County Museum of Art. Owner of Kyle’s Art, Paintings, Interactive/Collage Paintings, Stage Designs, Illustrations and Murals. Paintings in private and institutional collections.

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