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Michele Volansky (PhD)

Dr. Michele Volansky, member of the League of Professional Theatre WomenDramaturg, Academic
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

I find inspiration everywhere and I think it has something to do with the fact that I am the product of two teachers.  My incredible parents taught us to examine, from all angles, everything that we see.  Our Sunday afternoons were spent at the Philadelphia International Airport, where we would sit and watch planes take off and land and make up stories about the people that walked (or hustled or ran or strolled) by us.  As a result, I feel as though my life in theater and academics is a logical extension of that experience; a natural curiosity about other people inspires me every day. My belief in the role that theater plays in helping us understand not only ourselves, but also those profoundly different, serves as a guiding principle for nearly everything I do.  When I think about “things I still want to do,” I am stymied because I am so unbelievably lucky to get to play every day and get paid for it.  I would love to travel more, to meet more, different people and continue to watch those airplanes – maybe a third career as a some kind of tour guide?

Dr. Michele Volansky is an Associate Professor and Chair of Drama at Washington College. In addition to her role as Associate Artist for PlayPenn New Play Development Conference, she has served on the artistic staffs at Actors Theatre of Louisville (1992-95), Steppenwolf Theatre Company (1995-2000) and Philadelphia Theatre Company (2000-2004).

Romy Nordlinger

Romy Nordlinger, member of the League of Professional Theatre WomenActor / Playwright / Theatre Teaching Artist
New York, New York USA

I look for inspiration in people who dare to be honest about who they are and live on their own terms. I am always inspired by kindness and empathy, particularly on an overcrowded subway!  I will forever be inspired by the kids I teach theatre with in special education who amaze me with their creativity and love and lack of self- consciousness.  Though some of their bodies are bound to wheelchairs, their spirits are boundless.  It sounds corny but I am so jazzed by smiling and by receiving a smile – the kind that comes from the inside.

My favorite plays are The Zoo Story and this line “WITH GOD WHO IS A COLORED QUEEN WHO WEARS A KIMONO AND PLUCKS HIS EYEBROWS, WHO IS A WOMAN WHO CRIES WITH DETERMINATION BEHIND HER CLOSED DOOR…” And T. Williams’ Orpheus Descending – “What else can you do on this earth but catch at whatever comes near you with both your hands until your fingers are broken.”

My favorite authors are Dostoyevsky, Zola, Orwell and so many others it’d be too many to list – and choose from. If I had more time I’d read and read!  I’m pretty obsessed with the New York Times. The first place I’d go to if I had a chance is Egypt or the duck pond on 112th in Central Park. I love the Sex Pistols, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, Woody Allen, Virginia Woolf, Mozart, Camus, Shakespeare, calamari, and my husband Adam Burns (but perhaps not in that order). I’m not so crazy about math or sardines. I love people who are passionate and aren’t afraid to say they are. I am most frustrated by people who don’t appreciate enough – though I can’t say I always appreciate enough.

I love red, I love to dance (though I can’t take choreography and my college fencing teacher said I have no eye/hand coordination) and I feel most myself when I’m acting, writing or teaching. I feel most myself when I’m sharing an emotion, be it happy or sad, as long as it’s alive.

Romy Nordlinger Theatre/film: Resonance Ensemble Member, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Kirk Theatre, NY Fringe Festival, Primary Stages, Circle Repertory, Fleetwood Stage, Wilma Theatre. Law & Order CI, One Life To Live, All My Children. Playwright : Lipshtick @ NY Fringe, Sex & Sealing Wax @ Midtown Festival, Feeling Part @Theatre For the New City, Broadville @ The Source.

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