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Amanda Pekoe

Amanda Pekoe, member of the League of Professional Theatre WomenMarketing, Advertising, Design and Web Sites for Theatre
New York, New York USA

Being in marketing and advertising, I find inspiration everywhere I turn: from friends talking about their weekend plans on the subway platform, to fashion magazines, to webinars on new social media tools. I am always aware of who a product is geared towards and what people are talking about, even when they are on their cell phones on line at the airport. What interests me most is the language of connecting and communicating with the people you want to attract to your show, your brand, your world.

I feel most like myself when I am part of the audience at a show and immersed in the energy of the audience and the performers on stage. And of course before curtain and during intermission I like to stir up conversations with the people around me to ask what else they have seen lately. This helps me to hear from the source what shows are “speaking” to their demographic.

Since I am always “working” and tend to work long hours: I keep late office hours and also see theatre several evenings each week, I do find myself needing to recharge and spend quality time with my husband. We’ve recently found an organization that runs several ashrams, and have been to some of them for long weekend trips with a focus on yoga and meditation. This helps me to stay centered and get back into the swing of things without missing a beat!

Amanda Pekoe is the Owner and President of The Pekoe Group, a full-service advertising and marketing firm specializing in theatre. Previous experience includes account executive at HHC Marketing, VP of Business Development and Sponsorships at Spiegelworld, and Partner and Director of Business Development and Advertising at Art Meets Commerce.

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